Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shopping... Shopping and Shopping

November and December are my shopping months. I can't help myself to shop, splurge and spoil myself since November is my birthday month. I already shopped for too many things before and after my birthday this month and I'm still shopping up to now hehe. Can't blame me as I have been penny pinching for the last months and now it's the time to enjoy after all the hard work I have done.

But with all the spending that I've been doing lately, mom and friends keep telling me to think about my health too. With that, I need to get a health plan that similar to that of NC Blue Cross Blue Shield in the US. I'm not getting any younger so I really need to focus more on my health as well.

Anyway, just this morning, I passed my the tiangge in our town to buy some shirts that I can give as Christmas gifts. There are too many people buying already and since it's also the place where wholesale items can  be bought, there are also buyers buying by the bulk. Yay, I can't help but to shop.

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