Thursday, November 4, 2010

Saving Up a Little

Every Monday morning, my 7-yr. old niece is always ready to come to our house that is just next door. She’ll greet me good morning Tita (aunt) with her smile almost from ear to ear. I already know what she’s up to but I still let her tell me why she’s excited to look for me. Without being shy, she’ll reach out her right hand to ask for her weekly allowance in school.

I give her enough allowance to buy what she wants after school. Usually, she goes home with candies or small toys but there are times she’ll tell me that she didn’t buy any and she just put the coins at her piggy bank instead. Well at least she knows how to save money and I bet she’ll saving to buy another toy this Christmas.

I guess if she’ll save more till she become an adult, for sure she can even buy not just toys but at US Gold Bureau as well. She can invest on them or just have it as a collection.

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