Monday, November 29, 2010

House Maintenance

These past few days, mom is kinda busy checking for the things in the house that needs some repair. Our water pump is not working automatically for the last 5 months but we can still use it by manual mode to pump water in our reservoir (tank). We’ll have it replaced with a more durable one like those commercial pumps once it stops working already.

Aside from that, a technician came to the house to fix our La Germania stove. The other burner is not working for few weeks now and since it’s hard to cook with only 1 burner being used, mom had to call someone to fix it. It’s been years that we’ve been using that stove and due to water and oil spilling, rusts and dirt formed in the burner. Thankfully, the technician only billed us Php500 for the repair.

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