Monday, November 1, 2010

Calling Mister Sparky

I’m ready to work the other day when the electric fan in my work area is not working. The blades are not rotating and it’s only giving a very loud sound similar to an airplane landing. Afraid of having the motor to explode or something, I just unplugged it, called my brother, and asked him to fix it. He’s our handyman at home being the only guy who can fix almost anything. It seems that the motor of the fan needs some rewinding of sorts so I just didn’t use it anymore. I guess I just need to buy a new one instead of having it repaired again.

We need to have our electrical stuff in the house checked occasionally since having poor electrical installations may lead to short circuits that are actually fire hazards. Don’t forget to call Mister Sparky, your handy man for they will be at your doorsteps to fix things up.

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