Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Applying for Passports

Since the new system of applying for passport is already implemented, appointment at the DFA is already done online and it makes applicants save more time lining up and waiting so much in line. My niece, nephew and my SIL will be applying for their passports and they thought that their appointment will be next year already since we heard from others that sometimes the dates of reservation are already loaded.

They tried online last week and luckily they got the November 30, 4:30 pm slot. With the reviews and experiences that I read online about the process once you're there at the said time, it's much faster and more convenient to many people.

I'm sure they got a new document imaging system and more computerized processing that's why it's already convenient already. I sure hope when it's my time to renew my passport come 2012, the system will still be faster.

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