Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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I posted an experience that my niece and I experienced over the phone last May 2009 about a certain guy who spoke to my niece about a possible job. Right after that, it was on the1st page of Google search up until now. It also has about 76 comments to date and for sure many will be sharing more info and comments about the issue.

It was quite interesting to read all their comments and their own experiences about some people calling up fresh graduates or young professionals over the phone and luring them to go to a certain place in Ortigas for a job offer.

Find out the post and comments at my post entitled "Beware: 15 flr Octagon Building San Miguel, Ortigas Pasig City" and who knows you might share your own experience as well.


  1. this day jan.14, 2010 3.26pm in the afternoon i receive a frank call from unknown caller who stated his name was MICHAEL f BIOSCAN a senior executive of the company and he told me about a new project i hace to bring 2valid i.d. and wear a corporate attire and to have an appointment on Jan.17 3;00pm at the Lobby of OCtagon bldg.,San Miguel Avenue., Ortigas, Pasig beside Linden Hotel that was his text message from him about the place i will go..
    i am confused about that call because he knew my no. and my full name..
    its good that i go to internet and search about the place and BIOSCAN if you will search it it was molecular imaging from mouse to man and it was located in wsahington D.C. and i search also the said Octagon bldg. and to find out with me that this just a fake... thanks for this website...

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  2. It was also a horrible experience for me. i'm wondering when someone called me and she even knew my whereabouts. she said that she is celine cervantesa and she mentioned that i was highly recommended. at first, i was so excited. i even forgot to ask her who that was. good thing when she already set me an appointment, something unexpected happened to me. and then i texted her asking for another schedule and she scheduled me the following day. i thought im applying as a call center agent because the address she gave me was "teleperformance building pasig city. but im already doubting that time. because, i thought her name was celine, but when she texted me, she introduced herself as "jelyn". i felt that there is something wrong. then i asked my siblings. i even talked to my friend and he warned me to be more alert and vigilant because it is very suspicious. he advised me to visit the address (through google map of course) and i found this "BEWARE" stuff. i was so disappointed..

    Im also into Multi-level marketing Business. but i would say that we never mislead people..


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  3. ouch..
    Now i know.. I feel disappointed when I read this comments and experience about 15Floor Octagon building. Actually, i have appointment later at 3pm for the said address. Yesterday 3pm I received a call from unknown caller, she told me if I am a flexible..then she know my full name then I can't remember and I have no idea that I was applied with their company. I got curious all about this so, I decided to search this address then I found this blog.
    Hay grabe! She told me may i-ooffer syang mgandang job position.. "Training Management" so pag qualified daw ako, tanggap na daw ako agad. Tsk! i am actively looking for job. Buti na lang naisipan kong isearch yung address. Thanks for this blog.

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