Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dream Vehicle

We used our van going to the church this morning and we kept on whining because it’s hot inside eventhough the aircon is on. Yay, so we had no choice but to open the windows to let the air in. My bro needs to have it check asap since its uncomfortable to drive w/o ac on. Mom also dreamed of owning a new vehicle and this time she wants a Crosswind. Not so sure where she will get the money to buy but for sure she has some savings that I didn’t know.

Yey, I hope by next year we’ll have a new vehicle already (keeping our fingers crossed). I guess my bro would want to have it customized as well. He’s been seeing nice tail lights, dash kits and truck grills on his friends’ vehicles and I know guys love to dress customized their cars.

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