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Friday, November 23, 2012

Smart Bro, Not Smart Anymore?

Sorry, but I have to rant.

Yesterday, it was around 4:45 pm when my Smart Bro internet connection at home just went out. I was of course disappointed rather than angry. I immediately restarted the router and turned on and off the internet connection for few minutes and thankfully after 10 mins. or so the net connection is back.

I was back blogging but to my dismay, I could not open my blogs and worst I could not publish the post that I finished before the net disappeared. I checked on other sites and they are loading so I thought it's just my blog's server that is down so I contacted my nephew who is the one handling my blog hosting. He replied back telling me that he can access all of my blogs without a hitch but I don't believe him.

Still not convinced that my blogs are accessible, I asked my bestfriend to check it for me and she said my blogs are fine and they are all loading fast on her browser and also Smart connection too. Arghhh.. so that left me with no one to blame but SMART BRO!

I'm pretty sure that it has intermittent connection and selective browsing.. argghhh. I had some couple of posts that need to be published on my blogs that are "down" on my side but I don't have a clue how can I access my account with that kind of connection. I restarted my pc, router and the net wire few times already till this morning but still it's not working on some blogs/site..

Using Proxy Server Site

A friend saw my tweet and IG post and she experienced the same when she still uses Smart Bro before. She called up the tech support and Smart advised her to use a proxy server site to access my blogs. I tried it and it work but still would not want to use it via that medium though.

I want my good connection back Smart Bro! Too bad they would not even give me discount after experiencing such intermittent and selective browsing problems. Boo!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Frustration: Poor Bank Customer Service

I was having a conversation with my sister just this morning and we are talking about the problem that we are having at a local bank that we have. Up to now the problem is not yet resolved yet to think it was just a simple bank statement that we are asking at that incompetent and with bad service bank.

I requested a bank statement last Dec. 2009 and would you believe they gave me a wrong statement after 3 long months! I've been going to the bank back and forth to complain and oh my goodness it was not resolved. I'm so irked, irritated and mad already. The bank manager is useless, just plain useless!!

It seems that the main branch don;t have our transaction from June - Dec 2009 and that is impossible. Arghhh.. I don;t know what else to say but we are really pissed off. My sister will follow up our complaint and request for the ___th time.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Net

It was gloomy and I could hear thunderstorms this afternoon at around 4 pm and not long after the lights are flickering. I knew that the electricity will be cut off at any time and I was right. The electricity just went off for about 5 seconds and it went back but of course my internet connection is gone already.

I restarted my laptop, the router which is connected at my brother's house next door but the net is still gone. I took off all the plugs and waited for few minutes but still no net. I'm getting impatient so instead of being idle, I just cooked our dinner, whip up some draft blog posts and did some kit designing. It was only until 9 pm that my net is back when my sister in law unplugged and plugged all the connections once again. Yay!

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Template Sucks

What's going on with my template??

I think I am going insane because sometimes the header will not appear and sometimes the background will appear. I try to view it on other browser but it will just be fine then later on when I try to refresh it the header and background will disappear and that sucks. Sorry for the word but it is annoying me.

I think I need to find a new template that will work fine in different browsers like FF, IE and Opera. I think there is a bug in this template. Geesshhh..