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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spot Gold and More

It’s not surprising anymore to know people who are trying to invest in gold these days for we all that gold has been very valuable since ancient times. During those days, gold even symbolizes wealth and power and the price of gold back then and up to now remains precious.

There ‘s so many ways on how we can invest in gold. For others investing in gold can be in form of jewelry, coins, bullion etc. I reckon no matter what form you may choose you can either sell or keep it for future use.

If you are looking for more ways on how to invest and considering gold as a good investment, it’s also best to read more about the industry. Know the ins and out, spot gold,gold price and even reasons on why to own gold.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

On Gold Jewelries and Coins

It’s already a routine for me to visit my facebook account everyday and this afternoon I was simply impressed by some of the shoutouts of my friends while one got me irked. Oh well, it’s the time of the month once again so I have little patience.

I also got envy to hear that my sister got some new gold jewelries that she bought at one of the shops in Riyadh. You see, there are just too many gold shops selling affordable jewelries in Saudi where you’ll have a hard time choosing what design that you want. I also noticed that their gold are much nicer as they don’t fade unlike the once I got from Australia. I’m hoping to buy another gold jewelry in the future as I have not bought in many years.

Maybe if I have saved enough, I also can buy gold in the form of coins or bullion at US Gold Bureau for I learned that they are also a good form of collection as well as investment. Even if there’ll be some instances that they may depreciate, it’s value still holds a great place in the market today.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Securing Her Children's Future

My bestfriend has been in the workforce for many years now and with lots of prayers she finally decided to leave her 9-5 work last year. I think she made the right decision to quit her job since she is not happy with it anymore. Since she’s also working online, it’s also a good opportunity for her to concentrate on it and at the same time she can also take care of her family.

Staying at home while working is a big responsibility and I often hear from her that she needs to attend to a meeting at her children’s school, buy them some school stuff, errand here and there. I think she’s busier right now but I know she enjoys it. She can also manage their finances well unlike when she’s working in the office and there are times she can save a little for their children’s future.

It’s always the thinking of parents to secure their future and my friend is no exception. She also wish to have a business and invest on something and I’m sure she can consider investing on gold coins as well. Gold is known to be more stable than paper currency and have good value.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Looking Ahead

I guess most of us want to plan for our future but there are times no matter how careful we plan it, our plans will never come to reality. For sure God has a different path that He wanted us to go to that's why things go into that direction.

Future can be bleak for some but for those that have the courage and will can stay strong and will try to find ways to make their future better. Some people will either invest on something like buying real property, gadgets/appliances and more. Some might even buy gold for they know gold has a good value in our society not just today but many centuries ago. I guess if we really want to go to that direction we should carefully plan and research about it.