Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Studying and Working

I must say that I admire my niece K who is juggling her college studies and her part-time work. She’s now 3rd year at U.P. (University of the Phils) taking up film and with the looks of it she’s doing good at it. I can also often hear her that she has film shootings and she needs some actors for that. Before she got into film course, she was first an accounting student at UST but later on she transferred because I think film making or creating stories/scripts are her calling.

Despite her so busy schedule, she still manages to work as a tutor, teaching math subjects to highschool and even elementary students. Good thing is that she used her salary as her pocket to school. She has so many dreams after finishing her course and I hope she can inspire other students to study. If by chance they can’t go on a regular university, they can still earn enroll online and earn an online bachelor degree. It’s different when you finished your studies, because the chances of getting hired at the job you want are higher.

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