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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ceiling Fans: Keeping Us Cool

If you’re living in a tropical county just like me, I guess you’ve experience having a warm climate all throughout the year. There are times that the weather can be too hot or just too unbearable so we have no choice but to find ways on how we can keep our family and ourselves cool. Summer months can be a pain so we need to install air-conditioning units or use electric fans.

Not all homeowners can afford installing an aircon at their homes, so the best choice that they have is to buy ceiling fans, desk fans and other types, which is much more affordable. Aside from that, using fans can be energy saving as well. We can save some bucks by not using aircon all the time.

Not only tropical countries uses a ceiling fan, in fact you can even see it all over the globe where the need of that kind will arise.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Improving Home Ventilation with Ceiling Fans

Living in a tropical country means having a warm or even hot climate all throughout the year and one of the most common methods of cooling that we have is using an electric fan. Not all houses can afford an aircon most especially electricity charge these days are still getting higher so our best option is to use an electric fan.

There are actually different types of fans: the usual stand fan, desk fan, wall fan and the ceiling fans and we can use them in variety of rooms and for different purposes. There are also those industrial fans; they are big fans with bigger blades that can blow stronger winds usually used in rooms that needed greater ventilation.


I noticed that ceiling fans are more versatile and most widely used since it is more space saver and it can even serve as a decoration and I guess you have seen some on hotels, restaurants, houses and more. You’ll find LightingTheWeb a great source for Hunter Ceiling Fans if you are looking for quality and elegant ceiling fans of different sizes and styles. Here is just one example.