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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Postcard Advertising Made Easy

Business owners are always looking for a cost-effective, budget-conscious method of promoting products and services to customers. What's one of the most valuable tools in the armory of advertising options? Postcards. By applying a few guidelines, you can make your postcard campaign as effective as possible.

Keep designs simple and economical. Elaborate layouts, graphics, and designs rarely cause response rates to jump. An elaborate design should only be used if your business is a graphics business. Postcards are meant to be read at once, right after being pulled from the mailbox. Getting the message across clearly will help avoid losing a reader's interest. Points that are made and read quickly are more likely to generate a response.

Postcards aren't meant to seal the deal for you; they are supposed to boost the level of inquiries that you receive. Start your message with the benefits of your product or service and then move on to contact information to perk the customer's interest. When it's time for postcard printing, make yours look like it came from a friend and not a business. Pleasant, friendly messages generate positive reactions as opposed to blatant advertisements that people tend to toss in the trash immediately.

Always mail postcards First Class to show that you're willing to spend a little more to acquire new customers. Postcards delivered mid-week, on Tuesday or Wednesday, are more likely to be seen as these are the lightest mail days. Monday is the heaviest delivery day, so do your best to avoid delivery on Monday. By using the right mailing list, you will reach your target audience more effectively. Mailing list brokers can assist you by providing a list of people who have requested information on products or services that are similar to yours. By applying these simple guidelines, your postcards will lead to a surge in top-notch leads and business growth.