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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scary Identity Theft

I guess it's not new to you that your identity can now be stolen. It's pretty scary to know that identity can really happen especially these days when technology is on its surge. Credit cards can now be stolen and used, your paypal account can be hacked, your social networking account, sites or blogs can be accessed by internet hackers and more. Poor thing, we come to an age where technology is used in bad ways by crooks.

I had an interesting read a while ago and it's about those Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) that are used and put on ID's, credit cards, passports and other places to transmit different data. It can speed up transactions but the bad thing is that your data or identity can be stolen when some crook people or hackers try to make a rfid readers to get all your data. Wow, that is pretty scary and it's really happening.

Since those things are happening already, rfid blocking wallets are invented to prevent those readers to read your data in your passports, credit cards etc. thus preventing identity theft. I hope more ways will be invented to stop those hackers from invading our privacy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't You Just Hate Scammers and Hackers?

I guess most of you know some scams that are circulating everywhere. Nasty individuals have no conscience in spreading scams even on text messages looking for a victim that will fall prey on their modus operandi. Others have high tech way of knocking off someone’s credit card accounts and this is alarming.

These high-tech criminals are equipped with knowledge on how to hack systems on secured areas and other money yielding companies. Due to this some are very scared to even use their credit card on online transactions most particularly on unsecured sites. I know our credit card companies are providing or exerting their utmost efforts in trying to protect our accounts. Maybe they have sought those credit card tokenization services and other valuable solutions whereby criminals will have a hard time hacking your account.

Stories of hacked credit cards may be alarming that’s why we need to be careful on all our offline and online transactions. It will be too hard to run after them when your account have been charged without you knowing. Arghhh and that is scary.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spending and Saving

I love shopping but actually I am a very disciplined one if I can boast of that. I may splurge a little bit from time to time but I would not even dare to shop beyond my means. Sure there are moments when I just want to  shop till I drop and empty  my purse or  my savings account but my heart and my mind would not allow that to happen. I am still sane when it comes spending and saving.

I know of someone who uses her credit card for her shopping endlessly not knowing she’s already overspending not until her bills came which is up to the ceiling already. Poor girl, she even issued lots of checks that she can’t even cope in putting funds in it. Collection Agencies are already calling to her and all she can do is to hide and asks her relatives not to say where she is. Bouncing check is a illegal and she can be sued for that, fortunately she settled it our of the court already by talking to the person.

She has learned her lessons already and I don’t think she will ever do that again. We should be responsible for all our debts and we need to keep the discipline to ourselves so in the future, chances are we can apply for loans or use our credit cards again with confidence.