Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts


"Whoa, it's Wednesday once again!" as what my niece blurted out today. She's on sem break and could not believe that days passed by quite easily. Anyway, here are some of my happy thoughts for today.

1. Sweet ripe mangoes for lunch. I have not eaten this for a long time since I'm just too afraid to put more acid in my stomach but since my doctor told me I can eat them only if I have eaten rice already so I ate a slice of it today. Yey!

2. The balikbayan boxes from my sis and BIL in Riyadh are here and it only means that we have lots of goodies once again. Ahhh.. the perks of having a relative overseas!

3. Slowly gaining a bit of weight. Actually, I don;t even need any diet pills that work because what I want is to gain more weight since I got sick lately. My appetite is back and been eating foods that I don't and can't eat before.

4. More works pouring in once again.

5. Payments at my Paypal account coming in. Yey, after 100 years, the company that owed me money, paid me and other bloggers today.

6. My aunt had a Facebook account already. I was so thrilled to see the FB account of my 70+ yrs. old aunt in the US. I'm guilty of not writing to her via snail mail but now, we can update each other all the time. I'm sure, my cousins taught her how to open and browse her account.

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