Wednesday, March 30, 2011

School Break

My college nieces and nephews are already having their semestral break. 3 of them are taking a vacation at our house and right now, we're all using our laptops at the same time doing different things. One is playing games, the other is building a website and the other is doodling at Photoshop. I noticed most of the times that they got so bored easily and they need to do anything to keep them occupied. Oh well, they only have a month of semestral break and after Holy Week, they'll be back to school as the university that they are in have 4 semestrals in a year unlike the regular univ that only has 2 terms.

I still have a niece in elementary and 2 nephews in highschool that are still going to their school. They've been doing some clearance stuff and some rehearsals for the recognition day and on Friday they are finally on vacation. It only means that their house will be noisy once again. I hope they also take advantage of the summer vacation to sleep and take more rest so their body can release more hgh releaser for their growth. As of now, they've been asking me to treat them on a swimming at a nearby pool and we'll see if I'll grant their request.

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