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Monday, March 7, 2011

Appliance Shopping and To Buy List

It was last December when I had an appliance shopping. I asked my mom to come with me and we’re going to buy kitchen appliances at the nearby mall. She was happy when she heard it as she’s been asking me to replace some of our old appliance. I bought a Kelvinator refrigerator which I find the metal color very nice and the size perfect for our house. It’s also a self defrost ref so I will not have a hard time defrosting every now unlike our old ref.

I also bought a bigger washing machine with dryer. It seems that our laundry woman is having a hard time washing our bed sheets so my mom insisted on getting a bigger one. Our shopping doesn’t stop there because we also bought 3 electric fans for our home. The old ones are then given to my brother and can be used as spare when we need it. So far, I’m happy with our purchases and I intend of buying more soon.

I’ve been meaning to buy an LCD TV and soon we’ll have one. I already asked my sis overseas to buy us one and she’ll bring it when she gets back home here this year. It’s always thrilling to buy appliances for the house and next on my to buy list are blender, mini oven and new Corell dinnerware. I hope that I can save more this year so that come December I can already buy what I wanted.