Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts


Whoa, it's another Wednesday and I could not believe it . It's also the 1st Wednesday of the month. Anyway, here are some of my happy thoughts for today.

1. Finally, my endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultra sound, ecg and fecalysis are done. Went through those tests last week and this Monday and I'm happy with the results because all along I'm having negative thoughts about my stomach. I really thought that I have a colon or rectal cancer, lol . I just have some anthrum erosion on my stomach and like what my doc said it can be treated easily.

2. Got rid of coffee for a week a now! Yey! This must be the real culprit for the too much acid in my stomach.

3.  Mom getting new lcd monitors for our computers at the shop.

4. Balikbayan box coming from overseas coming this week. Wahoooo!

5. Sophie going inside her cage at night to sleep without me telling her to do so. I think this is pretty cool, she already knows our routine.

6. Star apple (kaimito) fruits given by a relative fresh from their tree. I haven't eaten this for a while since it's seasonal and I ate half of it this lunch time and it was just so sweet. Love it!

7. Chocolate cupcakes on our fridge but oh no, I can't eat them all. Should I cheat and take a bite? lol

8. Sis finally moved to their new constructed house in Sydney. Oh boy, they have a big and very spacious house. The only problem there is, is that sissy will have a hard time cleaning it

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