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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creative Geniuses

I always admire people who are very creative and have so many ideas in their heads. Sometimes those ideas can immediately be implemented in their works through arts & crafts, photography, visual art, print and advertising ads and more. Have you found yourself pausing for a moment while admiring an ad that you see while you are walking on the street, reading a newspaper or watching on TV? Little that you know but there’s too much effort and hard work put into that ad before it was even printed or shown.

If you run a business, advertising is an integral part of the success of your company and working with companies like Grok can make your advertising more effective and often shows good results.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reconnected Through Facebook

I just found out that a friend of mine whom I have not seen for the last 10 years has a recently opened salon business. I only knew about it when she found me through Faceboook. I scoured her photos and shout out and I was so happy to see her family and her business. I sent her a private message congratulating her and to update each other with our lives. It’s always great to reconnect with friends after so many years.

Thanks to Facebook for I have been reconnected with my former classmates and even with my relatives. About 2 years ago, I do not intend to sign up at FB as I don’t see the need for it but when I saw some photos of my cousins in US via my SIL’s account, I immediately signed up. Now, Facebook has become one of my venue to look for old friends/relatives, share my thoughts, showcase my digi-designs, and follow my favourite websites.

People have been reconnected faster and now have the chance to easily follow what sites they love.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Get into Arts and Craft

Our family is into arts and crafts and it’s our way of expressing ourselves. Different members of our family are into different things such as oil painting on canvass, digital photography, digital scrapbooking, film making, web designing and cross-stitching. We all enjoy what we are doing and in fact my older bro even received recognitions and prizes for his winning entries in painting competitions. I think it is important that we all have at least one hobby, it is a great de-stressor and a great chance to express some creativity. So I encourage everyone to find a hobby that you love.

There are so many different hobbies that you can get interested in. One very creative hobby is pottery. The increase in the number of colorful glazes and the different clays available can result in some very unique and beautiful ceramic products. If you have an interest in pottery and ceramics, AMACO/Brent is a great website to go to for all of your pottery needs. They carry many different clays, glazes, and potting tools. They sell handy items like a ware cart, used to transport or store your products, potter's wheels for those interested in wheel throwing and slab rollers to flatten the clay to a consistent thickness. AMACO/Brent is one of the leading suppliers of quality crafts and pottery supplies in the US and they have actually many dealers around the country where you can find these supplies. Students can also learn from their craft lessons.

AMACO/Brent is a one-stop shop for ceramic, crafts and pottery supplies. While browsing their site I also learned that artists, teachers, students, professional potters, and craft artists can gather together in a social networking community. This is a very good venue for them to share their tips, ideas, creations and more.