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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dermatologist of the Stars

I always love watching Salamat Dok every Sundays after waking up in the morning. This morning, Dra. Vicki Belo, a renowned dermatologist of local celebrities is the guest and they're talking about skin problems like acne and how to properly treat it. She has suggested numerous procedures and products that can alleviate that skin problem and even showed some video footages to help viewers.

It was always a delight to see her on TV teaching some tips and answering questions of the callers. How'd I wish I'll have the chance to her clinic and have my oily face. I don't have an acne but I'm also wishing to have those flawless and beautiful skins that many of her clients have.

Aside from going to her clinic, there's so much info about acne and treatments that we can find online, you can start if you click here. The best thing if you have an acne is not to prick it and consult your derma if you can.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I remember few months ago my sis Joy emailed me some photos of her daughter M. She wanted to show me how bad M's face looked when she got those nasty acne on her face. I was in shock to see her rough face bec. of those acne and I will not wonder anymore why she's bugging her mom to accompany her to the dermatologist.

Thankfully, after months of consultation, taking oral medication and using acne treatment cream, her face slowly went back to normal. I guess her hormones acted so weird during her teenage years and now fortunately there are not so much scars that left because it was treated early.