Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life Can Be Unfair

Sometimes I could not help myself but to pity our helper as he was having a hard times with his life and family. They are living in slums which is not very conducive for his children to live in. Having a big family hindered him from having a comfortable life as he has 8 children to feed. He only works for us when mom called him to do some repair works in the house and at time he works in a construction area where he's not even wearing work gloves as he can't afford to buy one.

We always give them food and other stuff if we have extra but those are not enough for them. How'd I wish he has only few children so he can support them well. With only few salary and many mouths to feed, it's impossible to give them a good life. Oh how sad.. but sometimes, I can't help but to blame them for being uneducated and not knowing the results of having too many kids. I can only sigh.

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