Sunday, January 16, 2011

From X-Large to Medium

Another good story about weight loss problem solved that I watched recently. The biggest loser TV show and other similar shows are very inspiring to those that wanted to shed off those extra weight that they've been battling for many years now. A local TV show has had a guest that shared her experience about her being big and how she overcome that trial in her life.

It was a very long process and trying all sort of ways to reduce her weight such as dieting, taking weight loss pills, exercising and more has made her even more determined along the way. She made herself determined and focus on her goals. Controlling herself to limit her food intake is hard and no joke but she managed to do that step by step. Now with all the hard work that she has done, she can now wear medium ladies shirt from XL size. Yey for her and wishing that more people have success story like her.

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