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Thursday, August 26, 2010

No One Followed Her Profession

My mom aside from being a certified midwife also happens to be a hairdresser during her younger years. She graduated at one of the prominent beauty school in Manila and with the knowledge she had after graduation she opened her own salon. I still remember, I saw some old photos of her parlor where she cuts, curls and style the hairs of her customers. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed on what she is doing at that time but sad to say that no one in our family really followed her being a beautician.

For those that love making others beautiful and have passion for beauty, you can always hone your craft by enrolling on accredited beauty schools like Regency Beauty in the US. Their facilities are upscale and their instructors are talented and with ultra-high standards of cosmetology education.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Putting Your Heart Into It

I have always told my friends, nieces and nephews that if they wanted something go for it as long as it will not harm others. If they want to achieve something for themselves they need to work hard for it to attain it. They also need to put their hearts into it because if you do what you love it will not be hard for you.

If you love beauty and you love beautifying others then follow your passion. A cosmetology can fulfill your dream of becoming a good and professional beauty expert. You can enroll in one of the beauty schools and one isCosmetology School by Regency Beauty Institute. They have professional instructors that can guide you in your studies, high technology equipments that you can use and lots of campuses that you can choose from.  Go for it and become a beauty expert.