Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Business Minded

Like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, my oldest sister is now  a blogger. At first she was clueless on how it works but with a little explanation on my part she’s now blogging almost everyday. She’s very easy to pick up on my pointers and I know she will be also good in doing reviews for companies when the time comes.

Even though she is earning quite well in her job overseas she’s still finding ways on how to earn extra because she has 3 children in college. As a business minded person, she has tried already buy and sell of things. She’s even selling goods to her officemates as a sideline. You know you can’t take away the enterprising ways in her. Who knows she might even buy and sell gold coins in the future. That is not far to become reality since she also sells gold jewelries from Saudi. I just hope whatever business she’s going into, she’ll be good at it.

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