Monday, August 30, 2010

His Priced Possession

My brother is a certified junk/old stuffhoarder What makes me say that? He actually collects memorabilia and even displayed it in their house. Actually there's a small space in their house where he made a glass table at the center and he puts his collections so that his friends and our relatives can see.

He actually loves the complements that he is getting everytime someone says that his collection is nice and rare to find. He has this old Tagalog magazines, comics even dated way back in the 60's, photos of local celebrities, stamps, gold coins, LP record and more. Name it and I guess he has it.

His collections are his priced possession like what he said and he told us that in the future he can sell them at fairly good amount.Up to now he is still continuing of adding more stuff to his collection by buying from someone who has some old stuff that they've been keeping for years.

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