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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Number Plates and their Importance

My nephew is planning to buy a new car but is slumped after finding out about the requirements needed to obtain one. Everyone knows that buying a car is not an easy process. Aside from the actual purchasing of the automobile, one also needs to worry about other requirements like the registration of a number plate. Why are number plates so important, you ask?

The conception of number plates actually came out of necessity, which started when cars started roaming the streets. It was first used as a way to identify the car sort of like a unique ID. Eventually, as the number of cars grew, governments found out that aside from identification, number plates can also be used as a means to control and regulate traffic. Other governments followed suit and imposed their own rules on vehicle regulation.

As time went on, other uses for number plates became apparent like vehicle classification based on type and location. It has even been proven useful in public safety and law enforcement as number plates were used to track ownership of cars. Every car that we see today now has its own number plate, which serves as identification as well as a license that the car is registered.

Car >Number Plates are indeed important and required by law. Do not fret if you need to go through hoops just to get your number plate. Keep in mind that they are equally as important as the car you will be driving.