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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buying a Laptop Soon

My niece who is already in college is taking up Film course at U.P. was always required to shoot documentaries, short film and even commercials. She's been going out of towns as well to shoot as part of her requirements in the university.

She's having a hard time editing her work at their own personal computer because it was just too slow and has low memory already, so she had to use one of the computers at my net cafe just to finish her projects. She really planned of buying a laptop so that it'll be easier for her to do her editing, dubbing etc. She's already reading computer reviews on laptops and I think she wanted to get a DELL laptop just like mine or maybe an HP brand.

I told her that she needs to see the laptop's specifications first before buying. She needs to have a faster processor and high memory for her works. If the disk space is not enough she actually buy 500GB or even 1TB of external hard drive. I just hope she can buy soon.