Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Renovation

With the little renovation ongoing at my brother’s house right now, they’ve been contemplating of adding another bigger window in their living room so that more light and air will come in. You see there are times that it gets too hot by mid afternoon that they need to open the electric fan in full blast just to have more air circulating.

By putting a bigger glass window, they can also save energy because they can use natural light inside the house. They can opt to have it installed with a window film that can prevent glare, fading of the furniture and even provide good privacy at home. You also don’t need to put anymore blinds or curtains on windows treated with film already.

I guess this is a great option to have in our house aside from saving us a little, the hassle of buying and installing curtains or blinds are also eliminated. I’m not sure if bro is up with this idea but I know he’d be satisfied with the result that it can bring to their house as long as they will put a quality window tint in it.

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