Monday, May 9, 2011

Not Giving Up the Dream

Almost all my twitter friends already own their Panasonic Lumix 5 digital camera and I was left wishing that I also had the same. Fortunately, I’m not too easy to be influenced with their shopping madness because If I was, then I’m already a proud member of the lumix club.

I just recently bought a new Canon ixus point and shoot camera and my Canon DSLR camera is still working (but too bulky to carry around) so adding another camera is already overkill, I reckon. I need to priorities some other things since owning a lumix can wait. Who knows, the price will drop and a new much improved version will come out if I decide to get one already. I’m still not giving up the dream of having one. In fact, I have read some camera reviews, saw sample shots and heard good raves about this camera. I have to say that it’s not far behind from DSLR in terms of quality, only it is more portable and can easily fit my small bag.

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