Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Giving as a Lifestyle

Christmas is just a few "arms away" and like many have said, it's the "most wonderful time of the year". Why not? Aside from feeling the cold breeze during those days, there are many festivities, reunions, parties and get together that are happening left and right. There's also no reason to diet because foods are overflowing. Gift giving is also a  lot of fun. Not only kids enjoy receiving gifts but adults as well. Seeing kids' eyes lit up and smiles on their faces while opening their gifts are PRICELESS.

There's always something nice in gift-giving, we can always light up and cheer anyone's mood and make them feel loved. Giving something without expecting something in return is truly amazing gesture and I always believe those that give w/o hesitation and with pure heart will always be blessed.

I better start my own list for Christmas as my schedule can be hectic at times. I need to plan my shopping day so that I can get lots of gifts in just one shopping time. I have no problem with my nieces, SIL and mom on what gifts to give. It's the brothers that certainly will be more challenging. I could buy them buy rocky patel cigars but unfortunately, they already stopped smoking due to health problems. I still need to scour the stores to find that perfect gift.

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