Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting Good Deals at Shiloh's List

These days, every consumer wants to get their every penny’s worth every time they purchase something. Who doesn’t want discounts or good deals when you shop on your local stores or even online? Personally, I love shopping especially when there is a sale and that always makes me thrilled.

Since we are in the digital age where almost all transactions can be made online, many companies saw the great potential in marketing their goods or products. Online stores have rocketed immensely in the last few years wherein consumers can order/purchase products or even book online on services or tickets.

Lately, group-buying sites have been booming as well. There’s no doubt that a lot of online shoppers are getting hooked with this latest emerging trend in online shopping. With the latest innovation in buying products or services, many retailers and suppliers also joined to offer their products or services at discounted rates. In turn, consumers have a wide range of products to choose from at very competitive prices and discounted rates while retailers can increase their sales.


Another emerging local group-buying site is Shiloh's List that offers top of the line products and services from their sellers/suppliers. Aside from getting good discounts on the list of products that they have right now, their members can earn reward points if they purchase, tweet, liked their Facebook page or have invited their friends or family to be part of the company. These points can be used to purchase on their rewards store, exciting isn’t it? If you want to get good discounts when you purchase online, do check out and sign up at Shiloh's List.

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