Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shopping Makes Me Crazy

So I was out again shopping last Sunday at the nearby mall. I initially wanted my niece to come with me but fortunately she’s not available that time for she’ll just go crazy with me that day..lol. Why did I say that? I’ve been in and out of different stores trying out shoes and fitting blouses and shirts endlessly. I was also looking for a cheap lingerie and happy to get a new bra that was on sale.

I did get some other personal stuff and boy I was happy! The only thing that worries me is the credit card billing this March hehe. Oh well, at least I still have self control to buy other unnecessary things for myself. It’s seldom that I splurge this much so I’m giving myself a reward for all the hard work that I have done!

I’m already locking my credit card for now because I don’t want to be shocked when the bill comes. Shopping makes me crazy but at least it makes me happy!

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