Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun Times with my Nephew and Nieces

It is seldom that my nephew and nieces come with me shopping at a nearby mall. It was only yesterday when the 3 of them came with me to stroll the mall and just have fun. After having our afternoon snack, they accompanied me to go to the mall to pay my Internet bills and to shop a little.

My 7 yr.old niece will be celebrating her birthday come May 2 so I decided to buy her a sandals that she could wear. Actually, she’s been bugging me to buy her a new one as her old sandals could not fit her anymore. We also had some good times checking out womens boots, pumps and sandals. We endlessly try different shoes and I also end up buying an everyday sandals.

The fun didn’t stop there because, we redeemed the tutti frutti yogurt coupon that I had. I just tasted it and since it’s kinda sour for my taste, the 2 older girls enjoyed eating it. I’m sure they’ll come with me once again but I have to ready myself for they might ask me to buy them some stuff.

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