Wednesday, November 25, 2009

10 Things You are Thankful For

10 Things You are Thankful For


1. Family and friends (online and offline) of course
2. Online works that help pay the bills
3. The Internet
4. My ability to digi-scrap and make some layouts for invitations, tarps and more
5. Reality TV shows like Amazing Race, Pinoy Big Brother and more
6. My blogs (i have a handful)
7. Our dog Sophie because since she came I became a pet lover
8. My DLSR cam, laptop and other gadgets, serves as my babies
9. Good health eventhough at my age I can feel I'm less energetic
10. Daily blessings from the Lord

There are so much more to be thankful for !

Pursue Your Dreams

We all know the importance of education and as much as possible we want our children to be educated so that in the future they will have something to fall back in to. For adults who are not able to finish their studies due to financial reasons, work or other unavoidable circumstances getting a degree is not impossible anymore.

These days more and more people who are busy working or can’t go out of their house for any reasons can actually gain knowledge and can still pursue their career and get an online degree.

There should be no hindrance if you really want to achieve something especially in education. Getting masters degree is feasible now and with your sheer determination and hardwork you’ll be able to attain it. Just remember that knowledge is most precious gift that you can have than material things. So go for it, Pursue Your Dreams.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Repairing your Bad Credits

Are you frugal or have spent so much money by shopping and acquiring stuff that is beyond your means. We all have times in our lives where we overspent or impulse buy and use our credit cards like there is no tomorrow but we need to draw the line when to stop. There are people who just spend money without even thinking the circumstances or without managing their finances thus resulting to debts on their credit cards or in their loans. That is the case of bad money handling and we should learn from it. We all can purchase all the clothes, car, house in the world but the hard part is if we can pay it responsibly.

People with little or no control over their spending often results in bad credits and their bad credit score affects their standing of getting new loans or even using their credit cards. The only option that they can have right now is credit repair. No one can do it alone so seeking a bad credit repair company that will guide and work with you in having good credits once again is a good alternative.

RMCN (Repair My Credit Now) is a repair credit organization whose aim is to help individuals with less than perfect credits and help them gain their good credit standing once again. With their tons of informative articles that they have on their site can also help their clients in knowing more about credits and other related credit issues. Should you need assistance, don’t fail to contact them.

Unlock Your Intuition

Just like what in this video: Unlock Your Intuition says:
Intuition is like an inner compass that will align you to your highest path and potential. Intuition will become your ally...

Managing your Bad Credits

When you have a bad credit for sure you’ll be disappointed because you have a slim chance of borrowing money or using your credit card once again. I hope you have learned from your mistakes and will then be more responsible in dealing with your finances soon.

For those that have bad credits, these days you are some hope because there are companies that can help you with that. If you have intentions of getting car loans then you feel you have no chance, you can try this bad credit auto loans offered by Pierre Money Mart. They can help you in processing you loan and in no time you can avail of that car loan. Just remember to be careful this time because repeated bad credit loans can really affect your credit score and you don’t want to end up drowning in debts.

You can also read the valuable topics or articles that they have on the site. Heed their 4 Steps Towards Good Credit article and be more informed about thebad credit loan procedures and more. The key is to be more manageable and knowledgeable pertaining about bad credits and car loans.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bound to Shop

Oh I just can't wait our Hongkong trip with my family this December. It's always been our topic most especially when we gather. How can we not be giddy about it? Aside from it'll become a mini reunion for us, my sisters, teenage nieces and I are bound to shop. There's no stopping us haha. For sure barcode scanner will be non-stop when we buy some loots, that is if we have lots of money in our pockets.

I hope I can still save some more so I can have more pocket money that I will bring. My recent birthday celebration and other expenses made me spent this month. Ok now I'm counting the days before our trip.

Call Center Agents

Call center companies sprouted here in the Philippines so rapidly in the last 3 years and how many people (friends and relatives) do I have that are working in a call center eventhough it requires them to work in the wee hours of the night.

Most call center agencies here are owned by US or UK companies so that only means that these call center agents need to work according to their time. We are in Asia so if it's their morning then it'll be our evening. There are many yuppies (young professionals) who are lured into this because of the high pay eventhough their waking hours and their health are compromised.

With the increase of unemployment in the country being a call center agent is one of the easiest way to earn some money. Regardless of age, gender, status in lfe and education one can easily be an agent if you pass the companies' tests. Are you a call center agent?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ang Pinaka: Kakaibang (Different) Healing Treatments

This week's list from ANG PINAKA over at QYV 11 is Ang Pinaka: Kakaibang (Different) Healing Treatments

1. Maggot Debridement Therapy
2. Hudurotherapy
3. Moxibustion
4. Bloodletting
5. Malaria Drug Therapy
6. Induce Seizure
7. Fire Cupping
8. Lobotomies
9. Trepanation
10. Electro Convulsion Therapy (ECT)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Some Thoughts to Ponder

You must train your intuition --you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide~INGRID BERGMAN

I'm a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it's bad or good.
~Sandra Bullock

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Avoiding Nuts

I have always love nuts especially chocolates with peanuts like M&M or the fruits and nuts and that would always make me drool and crave. I love munching them like all other choco lovers. I also love putting peanut butter on my toasted bread but later on would whine because I will have zits here and there. I thought I just had an oily skin and a dirty face but realized that I have an allergy with nuts.

I already found the culprit and it's nuts because every time I eat anything with nuts for a day after it, a zit or two will readily come out. Right now, I am avoiding nuts as much as possible because I hate looking for an acne treatment that will heal it. Though I can't really eradicate nuts I need to stop eating them from time to time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Accounting Needs

Now that shopping season is here once again we can’t help but to spend more because we need to buy gifts for our loved ones. When shopping always makes sure to have a list on what things you will need to buy so you will not end up buying something that is not needed. Stick to your budget as well and don’t go way too much overboard.

People with business or companies will always find it best to seek the help of professionals for accounting purposes. One such company is Las Vegas cpa firm that can help take care of your financial books and accounting needed for the tax season. You’ll never go wrong when an expert is doing the job for you.

Saturday 9: Man on the Moon

1. Do you think it was important to send a man to the moon?I believe so, it's a way to know what it in there.

2. What is your biggest fear? To die of a violent manner. I also have fear of height.

3. If someone hung a sign around your neck today, what would it say and why? I'm single and I'm not looking!

4. What is the longest line that you've stood in and was it worth it? I think for about 2 hours in a bank and I hate it! The system is so crap it's not worth it

5. As the holidays approach, what song are looking forward to hearing again? Old Christmas songs

6. Whose music do you think is the most important of your generation's? The New Wave Songs from Depeche Mode, Madonna, Spandau Ballet, Aha,

7. Do you find it is to be kind to strangers? Give an example. Not really as long as I can see he is helpless and not takign advantage of my kindness

8. When do usually lose your patience? Long ques, long waiting, teaching someone over and over again and still can't comprehend

9. Is there a book that you're dying to see as a movie? None actually

Putting Your Heart Into It

I have always told my friends, nieces and nephews that if they wanted something go for it as long as it will not harm others. If they want to achieve something for themselves they need to work hard for it to attain it. They also need to put their hearts into it because if you do what you love it will not be hard for you.

If you love beauty and you love beautifying others then follow your passion. A cosmetology can fulfill your dream of becoming a good and professional beauty expert. You can enroll in one of the beauty schools and one isCosmetology School by Regency Beauty Institute. They have professional instructors that can guide you in your studies, high technology equipments that you can use and lots of campuses that you can choose from.  Go for it and become a beauty expert.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I Love Watches!!!

I don't know about you but I really love watches. For many years I have not bought watches for myself because most of them are given. Lucky me! Just like last year, I went to Australia for vacation and when we went to Hamilton Island my broinlaw gave a beautiful gold Guess watch from me and to my sister as well. I never expected that he will give me such but he said it’s a small token for all the things that I have done to his family. Ahhh I was so touched.

Before I even went back home here in Pinas, my girlfriends in Australia went on shopping and I spotted a watch sale so we all end up buying Fossil and Guess watches. Oh dear, my sis told me that I have a collection of watches already and I should stop already hehe.

Oh dear she is wrong because my love for watches grew more, just this year I bought another watch and this time through a friend Faye, who is in the US. I bought a beautiful DKNY silver watch that I got for a lesser price than the store price here. Now, if you might call it an obsession, I wanted to order yet another watch from her and his time I want a leather one. You know big or oversized watches are in these days so maybe I’ll get one of those. Yebah!

If you also love watches like I do, I know you’ll find it very tempting to buy watches even if it a replica. If you can’t afford those expensive Swiss watches then perhaps you’ll find it interesting to see some Swiss replica watches. You can actually save more without breaking your bank at Just choose among Gucci, Patek Philippe, Rado, Tag Huer and more branded replica coz you might end up buying a nice watch for yourself or as a gift.

Watch out I'll be buying a new watch for myself soon...LOL

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

She's on a Fruit Diet

My bestfriend ( RACE ) for more than 25 years is currently into fruit diet as what she has told me. She’s currently not happy with her weight and  big tummy so she decided to manage it this time. She doesn’t want to resort in drinking diet pills so she opted for slimming tea and fruits. I reckon that is better for her than drink any medicines just to have the right weight and body that she wanted.

I am also guessing that she wants to lose some pounds because in December we’ll have our Highschool silver (25th reunion) anniversary. I know she will kill me for thinking that she wanted to look a bit slim when our former classmates will see

I know if she is determined enough to shed some pounds she can achieve it as long she will not get back to her old eating habits.

Lazy Mode

Oh dear it's the time of the month once again when my body is just too lazy. Blame it on my hormones. Watch out I;m also grumpy as well. hehe.

My legs are cramping and having some pains on my belly area. I didn't thought I can take the pain, I opted not to drink any medicine and just rant it out at I also drowned myself with online shopping and wow it helped.

I'll be bouncing back in no time, so for now I'm in my lazy mode.....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Diabetes Watch

Let’s talk about diabetes and health this time. Diabetes is one disease that if not properly treated or if not maintained one can easily succumb to death due to many complications that it can brought to any patients. My sister in law’s mom has one and has died due to complications brought by it. It was a very serious one that her mom’s leg was amputated as well.

Now that my sis in law is at high risk, she is now taking extra precautions just to prevent it from developing on her. When she cooks at home, I noticed that she rarely put too much salt and sugar on their food that I almost told her it was going to be a bit bland. I think she is just being health conscious and fearful since she knows she is vulnerable to have it.

If only the Internet is readily available at that time, I should have shared this site that has news and tip s about diabetic diets, it should have a real great source of info that she can relay to her mom. Well, now that there is a vast info and easy access on the net, i guess it will be pretty easy for diabetics to find great articles, info, and even support group that they might need in understanding and managing their ailment.

For now, we should all be health conscious and keeping an eye on our health will prove to be beneficial.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Letting the Kids Play Outside

It’s weekend once again and I can hear my nephews giggling and having fun outside and my niece actually playing with her scooter, while the 2 boys are throwing a ball with each other. It’s nice to see them like that and just having fun. Its part of growing up and it will remain in their minds and become part of their childhood memories.

Good thing is that they still know how to play outside and get physical sometimes eventhough there are times especially on the weekends when they are just too hard to be disturbed when they are playing Farmville, Café world and the likes. Oh dear those Facebook games are just addicting, thank God I am not one.

We still let the kids play those games so that they can explore more on the computer but there are limits most particularly if it is school days. There is only certain time that we allowed them to do that. We need to set some rules about games and studies. They should never ever put the games more priority bec. they will be warned and banned to open the computer when they do so.

Aside from all of that, sports are also great for kids for they also get a different discipline when they get to love that. Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Badminton, Football are just some sports that they can get into. There are even sports clinic that you can enrol them or if not you can let them play outside your backyard.

I know there are many kids who love NFL and you can even get them some NFL Merchandise over at The set costs $39.99 and that includes jersey, pants and helmet. Choose the size that your kid will fit into. For sure they will be delighted to be geared up with their fave NFL team and player.

So remember, encourage the kids to be active, have fun and just be kids.

*This is a sponsored post

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thanks to my Lappy and Desktop

Thanks to these 2 gadgets that help me with all my online and offline works. I am so happy that I already bought a DELL inspiron laptop in June, it is what I use when I am at the house. At first I thought that netbooks are perfect fro my computing needs but it's just too small for my liking plus I am not on the go all the time.

I use my HP desktop here at my net cafe for my desktop publishing when I make calling cards, invitations and the likes and do some of online works as well. It's been servign me for the past 2 1/2 yrs. already and I must say it doesn't give me a headache though there are times it also crashes probably bec. of my misuse. All I wanted for it was to upgrade my memory from 2GB to 3 GB as sometimes I open applications at the same time. Well let's see.

I hope my computers will work and be on top of their performance for a long time. I love branded. ones as they really perform well

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Staying Up Late

Wow I can't believe it, I'm still wide awake and it's 12:30 am already. Last night around this time my eyes are already shutting down. I guess I am just inspired to blog tonight as I receive lots of blessings today. This is a perfect timing because I'm celebrating my birthday this month as well. Not telling you my age..just kidding.

I am now sipping hot coffee and with TV on watching (a bit) Correspondents over at channel 2. I hope I can finish lots of tasks tonight so that I will not have backlog.

Any Preps For the Coming Holidays?

Christmas is going to be here so soon. How crazy is that? Have you been preparing your Christmas lists yet or perhaps vacation with your family? As for me, I have started to buy some gifts already but I know it will take me till Christmas to finish them. We are also going to take a family vacation overseas and that makes us more excited. What about you?

If you are taking a holiday in December anywhere like in Boracay or Palawan then I suggest that you start your preps now by booking your tickets bec. for sure it’ll be sold like hotcakes. One of the perks of being early is avoiding rush, getting discounted fares and packages and not being stressed out.