Friday, November 13, 2009

I Love Watches!!!

I don't know about you but I really love watches. For many years I have not bought watches for myself because most of them are given. Lucky me! Just like last year, I went to Australia for vacation and when we went to Hamilton Island my broinlaw gave a beautiful gold Guess watch from me and to my sister as well. I never expected that he will give me such but he said it’s a small token for all the things that I have done to his family. Ahhh I was so touched.

Before I even went back home here in Pinas, my girlfriends in Australia went on shopping and I spotted a watch sale so we all end up buying Fossil and Guess watches. Oh dear, my sis told me that I have a collection of watches already and I should stop already hehe.

Oh dear she is wrong because my love for watches grew more, just this year I bought another watch and this time through a friend Faye, who is in the US. I bought a beautiful DKNY silver watch that I got for a lesser price than the store price here. Now, if you might call it an obsession, I wanted to order yet another watch from her and his time I want a leather one. You know big or oversized watches are in these days so maybe I’ll get one of those. Yebah!

If you also love watches like I do, I know you’ll find it very tempting to buy watches even if it a replica. If you can’t afford those expensive Swiss watches then perhaps you’ll find it interesting to see some Swiss replica watches. You can actually save more without breaking your bank at Just choose among Gucci, Patek Philippe, Rado, Tag Huer and more branded replica coz you might end up buying a nice watch for yourself or as a gift.

Watch out I'll be buying a new watch for myself soon...LOL

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