Monday, November 9, 2009

Diabetes Watch

Let’s talk about diabetes and health this time. Diabetes is one disease that if not properly treated or if not maintained one can easily succumb to death due to many complications that it can brought to any patients. My sister in law’s mom has one and has died due to complications brought by it. It was a very serious one that her mom’s leg was amputated as well.

Now that my sis in law is at high risk, she is now taking extra precautions just to prevent it from developing on her. When she cooks at home, I noticed that she rarely put too much salt and sugar on their food that I almost told her it was going to be a bit bland. I think she is just being health conscious and fearful since she knows she is vulnerable to have it.

If only the Internet is readily available at that time, I should have shared this site that has news and tip s about diabetic diets, it should have a real great source of info that she can relay to her mom. Well, now that there is a vast info and easy access on the net, i guess it will be pretty easy for diabetics to find great articles, info, and even support group that they might need in understanding and managing their ailment.

For now, we should all be health conscious and keeping an eye on our health will prove to be beneficial.

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