Saturday, November 7, 2009

Letting the Kids Play Outside

It’s weekend once again and I can hear my nephews giggling and having fun outside and my niece actually playing with her scooter, while the 2 boys are throwing a ball with each other. It’s nice to see them like that and just having fun. Its part of growing up and it will remain in their minds and become part of their childhood memories.

Good thing is that they still know how to play outside and get physical sometimes eventhough there are times especially on the weekends when they are just too hard to be disturbed when they are playing Farmville, Café world and the likes. Oh dear those Facebook games are just addicting, thank God I am not one.

We still let the kids play those games so that they can explore more on the computer but there are limits most particularly if it is school days. There is only certain time that we allowed them to do that. We need to set some rules about games and studies. They should never ever put the games more priority bec. they will be warned and banned to open the computer when they do so.

Aside from all of that, sports are also great for kids for they also get a different discipline when they get to love that. Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Badminton, Football are just some sports that they can get into. There are even sports clinic that you can enrol them or if not you can let them play outside your backyard.

I know there are many kids who love NFL and you can even get them some NFL Merchandise over at The set costs $39.99 and that includes jersey, pants and helmet. Choose the size that your kid will fit into. For sure they will be delighted to be geared up with their fave NFL team and player.

So remember, encourage the kids to be active, have fun and just be kids.

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