Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going Back To Normal ...

I visited my bestfriend Race tonight after closing my shop to know how is she and her family doing after Typhoon Ondoy. Their town is badly hit and I was shocked to hear that the flood waters came inside their house almost hitting their light fixtures up the ceiling. Yay it was nearly neck deep so they have no option but to stay at their second floor.

She did all her best to put some of their furniture and other belongings on the next floor to prevent them from getting wet. The sofa, her refrigerator and other stuff was so heavy to be carried so she left it there and it all got wet.

Eventhough they lost some items what matters most is that they are safe and not hurt. They still have no electricity since Saturday so it's pretty hard for them and the kids. I am sure things will be going to be back to normal soon with the help of the Lord.

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