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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Web Hosting Services Right at Your Fingertips

I’ve been online for the last 10 years now and I have to say that I have learned a lot, gained friends, shared some of my thoughts, experiences and thoughts through my blogs. It has given me so many advantages in knowing about certain products, other people’s blogs, great resource websites. I started my 1st blog in 2005 and it was on free blog hosting from bravejournal. I then made blogs using blogspot and then wordpress. My blogging really evolved and realized that getting my own domain is the best way to go too.

Before I ventured on getting my own domain, I read reviews, ask my friends for advice and even read tutorials online. Thanks to sites that offers web site hosting reviews for it was very helpful for me in choosing my webhost. I’ve been using Blue Host for a while now on this blog and I’m happy with their services.

If you are thinking of getting your own domain and web host, try to read reviews first so you can compare services of web host providers.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Perks of Owning Blog/s

Out of curiosity, I started my very first blog SIMPLY JEN in January of 2005 which was at a free hosted blog format bravejournal. I saw an online friend AnaPS’s blog and I thought it’s pretty cool to have my own too. I was so excited when I first launched my blog and my very first post. I was also keen on changing my blog header every now and then. Though bravejournal’s format is not so flexible when it comes to adding widgets and other settings, I was able to keep it alive sharing some of my thoughts and ramblings up to now.

I later on signed up at blogger in 2007 and it was also the same year when I first bought my own domain and it feels very different when you have your name as a domain. Through blogging I was able to share lots of my experiences, thoughts, photos, ideas and lots more. It also became a venue for me to vent out some of my frustrations over some issues. I’ve gain lots of friends as well and would you believe I have met many bloggers in real life already.

Through the years I’ve been adding blogs with different niches and though it’s been hard to keep all them, I have so much to thank as it also gave me the chance to earn extra while blogging.

This year as my blogging evolves I signed up at Wordpress and had this blog up online. I was lucky enough to have a good web host that is reliable enough to keep up with my demands. Right now, with all the blogs that I have, I hope I can still write good posts, encourage more people to blog and meet more new friends.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Creating Your Own Blog/Site

So have you wondered all along why do we blog and want a site of our own? I actually created my own way back in 2005 out of curiosity and when I saw an online friend of mine created her own blog. It a venue for her to talk about anything so I was encourage to do so as a place also to share my thoughts and whatever i feel like sharing about.

It was after 2 years when I decided to get my own domain and it was really exciting especially I had my name in it. I blogged and blogged for more years and here I owned several blogs like this one, now using wordpress (yeah I upgraded). I also have blogs of different formats and different hosts.

Just in case you are interested in starting your own blog or website whether personal or business you’ll find lots of website useful in choosing your hosts or blog formats. There are companies that offer domain and hosting packages that are affordable and it’s up to you to decipher each one of them. Look for host that gives a good deal with regards to your bandwidth and host space and in no time your site/ blog will be on-line too.