Sunday, September 27, 2009

So Many Helpless

This typhoon Ondoy is really unforgettable for most of us Filipinos. It has left many homeless, killed so many lives, babies and adults hungry for food while others are still unrescued on top of their roofs. As of this writing in some areas there are still floods and rescuers could not even get inside the subdivisions to give help.

It's heartbreaking as I watch the news on TV, I can't help but to shed a tear or two. We are still very lucky from where we are right now eventhough we are stranded and I walked in the floods to go home bec. I still have a home where we can sleep and food to eat. Many are sick and helpless and govt and non-govt. organizations are doing their best to help the victims. There also lots of donations like food and money coming in to help

I know we'll all rise from this nightmare that we have experienced and wish all the victims will not lose hope living and wishing for a brighter tomorrow.

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