Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blue Host as my Webhost

I decided to set up a new blog few months ago but still keeping my other blogger blogs with me. At first is was so daunting for me to get even started because for all those years of my blogging since 2005 I already used in blogger and i can easily redirect them to my domain names. I saw lots of my friends have Wordpress blogs as well and they have their own web hosts and I asked them if it is worth trying WP for a change and they said definitely.

So I got a this domain name that i bought at Go-Daddy and asked my techie nephew if he can accommodate my domain and my WP blog on his web server. He agreed and he set it up for me as he has BLUE HOST as his webhost provider. The great thing is that Blue Host allows multiple domains and have unlimited space and that what makes it perfect. My nephew and I have been using Blue host for a while now and so far so good. Though my nephew has the one in control with the cpanel and all, I have to say that it’s worth it to have a WP blog and hosted at blue host.

If you are planning to look for a web host why not read this bluehost review that you can read at and I know this will greatly help you in knowing more about what Blue Host is offering. You’ll also have a great chance in finding your perfect host.

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