Monday, September 28, 2009

Helps Are Pouring In

I can't help but to tune in on TV to know more updates about how massive and vast Typhoon Ondoy made to our country.  I love watching the news from Channels 2 and 7 and see how they a lot of efforts in collecting all the donations whether it be cash, goods, or just merely helping in repacking the goods. Telethons are on-going and they are still receiving pledges and donations.

You can also donate directly at RED CROSS. You can either send thru bank cask or check and more and since Sunday helps are pouring in.

In my area we are not greatly affected so we are very thankful for that but I have some friends who are living in so much affected areas. I'm trying to contact them through text but they are not replying so I don't know how they are doing. Life has to go on for most of us so i have to check on this mortgage life insurance rates that I need peruse and I hope the floods will subside soon. I am seeing the sun shining right now and I hope all families will be rescued as well.

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