Monday, April 11, 2011

He Needs to Apply for a Job

We had a great lunch last Sunday with the whole family. The kids are out of school already since it’s already their summer vacation. Some of my nieces and nephews will be going back to their university this week for their summer classes and some because their univ has 4 semesters.

We had some good laughs and talks after lunch but my SIL can’t help but to feel a bit frustrated over her son because he still has no job up to now. We also can’t see him enthusiastic in getting a job even if it's one of those sales jobs. I told him he must not be too picky since there are thousands of new graduates who’ll be looking for work again.

I just hope after Holy Week, his interest in looking for work will come back and hope he’ll be applying once again. It’s just so hard to see him just at home, doing nothing and with no money on his own.

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