Saturday, May 7, 2011

Handful of Responsibilities

I was seating in the living last night, trying to get some rest after a half day of online writing when all of a sudden the thoughts of a friend just enter in to my mind. Made me think that she’s a supermom and also picture myself in her shoes. I guess, if you’re really a mom and a parent you’ll do whatever it takes for your family even if your health is at stake.

Juggling 2 jobs at a time is not a joke and I have to remind her to take it a little bit slow because once she gets sick, it may not be worth it. Her hands are full with her work and family life. However, knowing my friend, she can manage all the hard work and sacrifices with flying colors. She is good at time management anyway. I’m just wishing her all the best in her career and family life.

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