Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reasons Someone Might Need an Employment Attorney

These days, if you’re a fresh graduate you’ll find it hard to look for a job that is actually related to the course you have taken. With so many unemployed and so many new graduates right now, there’s not much jobs that can accommodate those that are seeking for a job. Keeping your job on the other hand can be difficult at times too for there are many employers who exploiting their employees when it comes to salary, overtime work and more.

Not every employee knows their rights and for some even though they know that they’ve been mistreated in some ways they’d just stay silent. Their reason for doing so is the fear to lose their job. Here are some reasons when someone already might need an employment attorney:

Age Discrimination: when you’re employer is firing you because of you age
Sexual Harassment: your employers is forcing you to do some sexual favors for them
Gender Discrimination: no employers is allowed to discriminate any gender
Overtime Pay: when your employer failed to pay your overtime hours on work or consistently not like to pay it.

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