Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello July!

Oh wow, we're already at the second half of the year and the next thing we know it's going to be Christmas once again! The 1st half of the year is fairly good to me, the only thing that I'm worried about is that my expenses has gone up but thankfully I can still manage all of my bills.

I'm praying that July will and the rest of the month will be a good one also. In fact, I started July with a well deserved vacation with my family overseas. Six days in The Lion City is a great bonding time for all of us and wish we all can stay longer and spend more time with my siblings but we all need to go back home because of our work and studies for my niece.

My older bro also needs to attend to the renewal of our van and fix its aircon unit. I hope it's not expensive just like the curt trailer hitches that my cousin had for his trailer.

July, please be good, ok!

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