Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Start of Something New?

My bestfriend resigned from her office work for about 2 years already to become a WAHM. She prayed for it to come as she’s been getting burned out with the office work and the fact that she’s not happy with what she’s doing. Finally, the day came when she no longer have to wake up early and prepare to go to work and go home at night feeling exhausted and drained.

She became a WAHM: working online but still have lots of ample time as a wife and a mother. She enjoyed it as what she’s been telling me but lately, an opportunity to go back to office world knocked on her door. She was still undecided and confused. She wanted to stay at home with the kids and still work but part of her wants to work outside her home for added income.

Right now, she has accepted the work as part time in the office. It was an offer from a co-worker before that she can’t refuse. She’s contemplating if she’ll accept to work everyday once again and just do her online works maybe early in the morning before going to the office or after work. I can see her really thinking hard these days but I know that God will guide her on her decisions. The question is, can she still do her online works and her office job as the same time without feeling too exhausted? That, she can only decide.

I wish her the best and maybe this is the start of something new for her once again. Good luck bes!

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