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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Baby is Coming Soon

Aside from having online friends who are also going to give birth in few months time, my distant cousin S. is also going to have her new baby girl by the end of this month or early November. It’s their 1st baby and just like any new mommy, she and her husband are pretty much excited to see their gift from heaven. A dream that they wanted to have since they got married 5 years ago. Now, that she is coming not only the couple are excited but also us their relatives.

Anyway, I’m praying for her safe delivery and I know that the baby will make them more happy and complete family. I guess I’ll send a cookie bouquet when they arrive home from the hospital and I’m sure she’ll love this unique gift of mine that can be eaten. 


Friday, October 7, 2011

Remembering My College Friends

I had a little time the other day and so I'm off to arrange some stuff in my room and in the living room. It was nostalgic while I'm running through some old photos of mine way back in college and it brought so many beautiful memories that is already kept in my mind. The days with my friends in 2nd college are just some of the best. Some of them were already doctors while others have different careers just like me, 1 passed away about 3 years ago (sad) while I have no contact with others. Can't seem to find them on Facebook too.

Anyway, I also remember my dearest friend college when I transferred to a new university and now she is working in Canada in one of the hospitals there as a Medical Technologist. We have not spoken for a long time but I was so surprised to get a FB message from her the other day asking me how am I doing etc. She was so busy with work and because they have transferred to a new house. I replied to her message but I’m not sure when will she be able to read and replied to it because she’s too busy with work.

I will not wonder anymore if one day, she’ll land one of those  Quality Assurance Director Jobs in the healthcare department for I know she is very dedicated to her work and would love to expand her career. Just hoping that one day she’ll come home for a vacation so we’ll catch up on each other again just like the good old days.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anything Under the Sun

I've been using twitter for the last 3 years now and I have to say that it has become a secret haven for my online friends. We had our accounts in private so we're able to chat or talk just about anything under the sun. There are times the topic is about shopping, which we all love!, our hobby digital scrapbooking, parenting bec. most of my friend are mommies, love and relationship, work, health, make up, even return of premium life insurance plus so many other topics that we can think of.

I just so love my circle of twitter friends as they are not only my friend online but in real live as well. We are supportive of each other whenever one needs help or uplifting. I thank God for having found these ladies, though we may have different opinions, likes and dislike but in the end we are for each other.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Start of Something New?

My bestfriend resigned from her office work for about 2 years already to become a WAHM. She prayed for it to come as she’s been getting burned out with the office work and the fact that she’s not happy with what she’s doing. Finally, the day came when she no longer have to wake up early and prepare to go to work and go home at night feeling exhausted and drained.

She became a WAHM: working online but still have lots of ample time as a wife and a mother. She enjoyed it as what she’s been telling me but lately, an opportunity to go back to office world knocked on her door. She was still undecided and confused. She wanted to stay at home with the kids and still work but part of her wants to work outside her home for added income.

Right now, she has accepted the work as part time in the office. It was an offer from a co-worker before that she can’t refuse. She’s contemplating if she’ll accept to work everyday once again and just do her online works maybe early in the morning before going to the office or after work. I can see her really thinking hard these days but I know that God will guide her on her decisions. The question is, can she still do her online works and her office job as the same time without feeling too exhausted? That, she can only decide.

I wish her the best and maybe this is the start of something new for her once again. Good luck bes!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Missed the Fun

A highschool friend sent a message yesterday while I was busy with some works and going in and out of my computer shop to run some errands. She told me that a highschool classmate of ours came home from Japan for a brief vacation and ask them to be with him in a dinner at one of the restaurants.

They'll be going out for dinner and watch a band and she told me that she'll just text me the venue and the time later. Geesh, I didn't know that she was texting me and even called me on my cellphone that night asking me to come but too bad I didn't hear her text and call because my cellphone was inside my bag. It was only this morning when I saw her text and missed call.

Anyway, saw their photos at facebook and I got envy because I missed the fun. There are tons of food and the guys looked so full after eating their meal. I should have teased them that need best fat burners for men if they've eaten too much. I hope I can attend next time if there's another gathering and I just hope that they'll advise me ahead of time so I can prepare.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun Times with Online Friends

Just last Friday the 17th, my co-bebots (co-digiscrappers) get together in Makati for our grand EB (eyeball). Our friend Trinity who came all the way from the US was the reason we also get together. We have been planning these for a while now and it happened last Friday.

It was a grand riot for all of us, we all had a lot of fun getting to know more about each other. We all feel like we have known each other for a long time. The foods are overflowing and also the chismax (chatting). For pictures and more detailed stories you can read at my other blog HERE.