Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thanks to the Internet

I was stuck in the house for almost a week now. My mom is sick so I need to take care of her. Thankfully, I have my laptop and new desktop plus a net connection to keep me busy and sane. I could not imagine myself stuck in the house with nothing to do. My sister in law and a family friend are tending our computer shop most of the times because I can't come there. I'm also thankful because my work is online so I can still meet deadlines even if I'm home.

My digi- designing also helps with my monthly budget as I get commission on my sales. My designing mojo is also flowing so I was able to finish another digi-kit this week while I'm here at home. 

Thanks to the Internet as well for I can still communicate with my sisters, friends and other relatives online. In fact, I had a small chat with a college friend and she’s asking me to join their networking business but I declined. I think I rather sell  used restaurant equipment or cosmetics than to join such. It’s not my cup of tea anyway.

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