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Monday, September 24, 2012

When your Computer Gives Up on You


Have you experienced when you are in a hurry to do something on your computer when all of a sudden it slows down, restarts on its own, can't save your work or just totally messed up? Arghhh.. it can be frustrating! I experienced that when I was still using assembled Pentium 4 pc few years back. Funny thing is, I was so annoyed and frustrated because I can't open multiple applications at the same time because its memory is just way too slow. Viruses often attack my computer too because I don't have a good antivirus at that time too.

Thankfully, after saving I was able to buy myself an HP desktop and a Dell laptop that I used alternately. It's been many years now since I bought then and it has never given me any major headache. I wish to have an iMac but major savings is needed hehe. I can also open multiple programs/applications and even numerous tabs on my internet tabs without hassle.

With the new computers that I have, I learned how to be careful when downloading stuff so that no visrus or malware can enter my computer. I also learned  how to clean hard drive by deleting unwanted programs and files that can also slow down my computer. I also learned how to reformat computers just by watching a tutorial in Youtube and with that skill that I learned I don;t need to call our technician to do the reformatting of our net cafe computers.

I just wished that all of my computers will serve me more years because I've been taking care of them with lotsa love.