Friday, September 7, 2012

Forgetful You

Ever experienced locking your home only to find out that you left the keys inside your house? Ahhhh….. that would be a dreadful experience if I may say. It happened to me couple of times already and it’s kinda frustrating. I need to go back inside the house because I forgot something but when I searched for the keys, it was not in my bag or pocket. I was in a hurry that time so I was also panicking. Thankfully, my brother got a spare key and he is just few kms. away from our home. I could not thank him so much for he saved my day. I could end up calling a locksmith to open our door if not for my brother.

I know a lot of you have also experienced leaving the keys inside your vehicle. Initially, our first instinct is we try to unlock the door on our own but inexperienced as we are we end up just damaging the lock if we try too hard. I bet only a carnapper can open your door in a swift hehe.

Calling a locksmith is always a better option especially if we do not have any tools or skills to do the unlocking. They will always lend a helping hand in opening our doors when emergency arises. If you’re in Calgary area, you’ll find locksmith Calgary of service to you. They offer residential and commercial locksmith services using sophisticated tools and professionalism.

So the next time you close your door, always think first if you got the keys but just in case you become forgetful, then locksmiths always come in handy.


  1. ahhh, I just did this last Tuesday, no, I did not lock my keys in the house, but in my classroom. I had to look for our custodian to open the classroom for me so I can get my keys :(

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  2. I can relate to this post. I've learned my lessons well , I have my spare keys in a safe place somewhere within our terrace.

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  3. Tell me about it.. I am more forgetful nowadays...

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  4. i experienced that a couple of times already. luckily my husband never leaves the house without our home keys. :)

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